SCROLLS 2022/2023 – Long paper pulp-painting compositions on deckle boxes.

GEOMETRIE DI CARTA 2023 – Pulp-painting compositions on blue tones, abaca and linen paper.

FRAGMENTS  2020 – Handmade paper collage burnished with graphite.

ARALDICA 2020 – Handmade paper stretched over 17th century style wooden frames, burnished with graphite.

LIQUIDARE 2019 – Pulp painting on wet handmade deckle-box sheets.

LE VESTITE 2017 – An Intaglio, watermarks and embossing suite.

NESTS 2016 – Watermarks and pulp painting variables on gray-blue sheets.

CARTEARMATE 2016 – Intricate brass wire pattern embedded in handmade paper and burnished with graphite.

WIRED 2016 – Embedded brass wire drawing in handmade paper.

CARTE INCISE 2016/2020 – Various pulp-painting on handmade deckle-box sheets, air drying.

MACHINAE 2006/2015 – Papers and drawings inspired by print & paper machinery and processes.

ENCASUITE 2012 – A collection of 52 wall reliefs assemblages embedded in handmade paper and encaustic waxes.

RISMATICA 2010/2012 – Paper reams drawn on handmade deckle-box sheets.

SKULL SUITE 2011 – Monotypes with watermarks and embossing.

ARGENTA 2012/2015 – Handmade paper reliefs with silvery surfaces.

WATERMARKS 2010/2016 – Watermarks from laser-cut designs and pulp-painting on handmade paper.

HORIZON 2011 – Folded and creased papers with black & white drawing.

GRAPHITE SUITE 2008/2009 – A collection of 154 mix -media wall assemblages embedded in handmade paper, burnished with graphite.

NODI VINCIANI 1999 – Embedded string designs treated with wax and graphite.


MONOTYPES 2003/2019 – Handmade papers monotypes, including Intaglio, woodcut embossing, watermarks and machine sewing.

MICA PRINTMAKING 2008 – Works realized in the Fall 2008 as a Visiting Artist at Maryland Institute of Fine Arts, in collaboration with Master Printer Brian Garner.

INTAGLIO 1983/1994 – Various etching and intaglio techniques on zinc, copper, brass and Plexiglas plates.

WOODCUTS 1987/2006 – Woodcuts on plywood and boxwood.

XIMONOCALCOTIPI 1987/2006 – Chine-collè of Japanese papers on woodcuts, printed on etching press.